Class Audit

A registered undergraduate student may audit a course and have that audit recorded on the official transcript (as a zero in the Units Earned column and in the grade column as "AUD") provided that:

  • The student officially elects the class as an audit within the add/drop period by processing an official course registration change form on which "Audit" is clearly indicated and which the course instructor has signed.
  • The instructor can accommodate the auditor in a class, and the student satisfies the instructor regarding his or her preparation and motivation for auditing the class.
  • The student pays all special fees associated with the course.
  • The student satisfies all criteria for a successful audit as stipulated in advance by the instructor. In the event that the instructor reports that an audit was not completed successfully, the course will be expunged from the student's record.

The student may not switch from audit to credit after the end of the add/drop period. The reverse is also true.

Part-time students must pay the same tuition/fee to audit a course as they would pay if they took the course for credit.

Audits cannot be added through SPIRE. Come to the Registrar's Office, after January 7.