Undergraduate and Non-degree students may add a course or drop a course with no record through the 7th calendar day of the semester.

Class Audit

A registered undergraduate student may audit a course and have that audit recorded on the official transcript (as a zero in the Units Earned column and in the grade column as "AUD") provided that...

Getting Help

Learn more about how you can get help if you are experiencing difficulties using SPIRE.


Students who fail to satisfy an overdue financial obligation or to comply with certain administrative requirements may have a hold placed on their ability to register for the following semester.


The maximum credit load for a semester is established by each school or college and usually varies from 17 to 19.  Students wishing to register for more than the maximum...

Part Time/Full Time Status

Full-time students are required to carry the minimum load of 12 credits.  A change in status may be requested before the end of Add/Drop for the semester in which the change of status is sought.

Pass/Fail Option

Undergraduate students may take one course each semester using the pass/fail grading option.

Requisites, Full Classes or Consent

You will need to get further instructions from the academic department for admission to class.

Registration Appointments

Registration appointments run until the Add/Drop deadline.

Schedule Builder

Use this tool to assist you in building the best class schedule based on your needs.

Time Conflicts

If you would like to register for two classes that meet at the same time, you will need to get permission from both instructors.

Wait List

Some classes will offer automated waitlists through SPIRE while others will not. The decision is up to the department offering the class.