Dean's List Honors

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Fall 2023 Dean’s List Honors will be posted on this page on February 12th. At that point in time, the Dean's List is final. Any grade changes, resolution of INC grades, or repeated courses after Dean's List Honors are awarded do not make you eligible for the Dean's List retroactively.

Students will be appointed to an official Dean's List at the end of a semester in which they complete a minimum of 12 graded credits with a grade point average of 3.500 or better. Dean's List is not a graduation honor. Questions about the Dean’s List should be referred to the Registrar's Office.

Questions about the Dean's List should be referred to the University Registrar's Office, 213 Whitmore Administration Building, (413) 545-0555.

Honors Student Graduation Year Major (degree)
Aakjar, Alexis 27 Marketing(BBA)
Aalaei, Negar 24 Pre-Veterinary Science(BS)
Aamir, Eman 24 Psychology(BS)
(H) Aamir, Mubashira 26 Biomedical Engineering(BS)
Aaron, Sabrina 24 Psychology(BA)
Aastha, Adiba 27 Environmental Science(BS)
Abacherli, Adam 24 Mechanical Engineering(BS)
Abad, Veronica 25 Biology(BS)
Abanador, Kharen 25 Communication(BA)
Abas, Alyssa 26 Psychology(BS)
Abbott, Brady 27 Marketing(BBA)
Abbott, Nicole 24 Finance (BBA)
(H) Abdalla, Marianna 24 Nursing(BS)
Abdel Nour, Meriam 24 Kinesiology (BS)
Abdel-Maksoud, Ammar 24 Finance (BBA)
Abdelghany, Amira 26 Legal Studies(BA)
Abdelmesih, Pasant 26 Operations & Info Mngmt (BBA)
(H) Abdelmesih, Selvana 24 Finance (BBA)
Abdul Rahman, Ahmed 26 Computer Science(BS)
Abdullah, Ayesha 26 Astronomy(BS)