Schedule Builder Step by Step Instructions

Schedule Builder is a web-based schedule planner for use by students to generate all schedules available for registration. It helps you plan your class schedule. Use this tool to build schedules prior to your enrollment appointment, taking into account both desired classes and personal needs (work, athletics, leisure, etc.). You can also find a class that fits into your schedule after you are enrolled.

Notes: Schedule Builder does not recognize prerequisite or co-requisite courses, enrollment holds or instructor consent requirements.

Log on to SPIRE and click on Schedule Builder link on the Student Center. 

Student Center

Schedule Builder will open in a new window and you will be prompted to select the term and session. Check your pop-up blockers if nothing happens within a few seconds.

Next you will be directed to Schedule Builder’s main page. 

Main Page

There are multiple filters available on this page. Below are the options for each filter

Instruction Mode

If you want to build in travel time between classes (keeping in mind standard class-meeting times have 15 minute breaks built into the schedule), click on the Advanced Options button and choose a different Class Padding.

You can now start adding desired courses and breaks to your schedule by clicking on Add Course or Add Break.

Add Courses and Breaks

You can search for courses by subject, based on class attributes (Rap/Tap/HLC), by general education category, or by instructor. 

When you are done with adding courses click on Done.

You will be directed to Schedule Builder’s home page. Click on Generate Schedule to see all the possible schedules.

And see the generated schedules below

By hovering over the magnifying glass you can see a preview of each schedule.

You can select up to 4 schedules and compare them.

Click on View to look at the details of a potential schedule.

When you view/open a schedule, you can mark the schedule as your favorite by clicking on the heart icon and choosing a name for it.

You can look at your favorite schedules by clicking on favorites.

If you like a specific course section, you can lock it by clicking on the lock icon next to the course. This way the other courses will be scheduled around that locked course.

If you would like to exclude some sections, you can do it by clicking on Sections icon next to the course

and unchecking the sections that you want to be excluded then Save & Close.

If you are happy with a schedule, click on Send to Shopping Cart 

You will be directed to SPIRE and you should continue from there. Click on Import Cart button to load your schedule into the enrollment shopping cart.

You can always go back to Schedule Builder by clicking on the schedule builder button to modify your schedule or build a new one.

If you have questions, please contact