Frequently Asked Questions


There could be several different reasons for a withdrawal from the University. In each case, every attempt is made 14 days in advance to notify the student of the pending action. If you have received such notice, contact that specific agency who has requested the withdrawal.

Common reasons for withdrawals:

  • Money owed to the University: Bursar's Office, Campus Center, Housing, Dean of Students and/or Health Services
  • Immunization records are not complete
  • Failure to register for any courses
  • Academic Suspension or Dismissal
  • Disciplinary Action

Limited information regarding the withdrawal can be obtained by contacting the University Registrar's Office

Your Academic Level is based on credit totals. See below for credit table:

Academic Level 

Credit Count


87 credits and above 


57 - 86 credits 


27 - 56 credits 


0 - 26 credits 


You can change your Graduation date in SPIRE.  Go to Graduation > Graduation Data and click on "Change expected graduation term".  You can also change your diploma name, email and address here.

The University Registrar's Office is located in room 213 in Whitmore Administration Building.

You can change your address through SPIRE.  Log in, under your Student Center find your personal information.  In the "other personal..." drop down box choose Addresses.  Click edit and change address.

Important: Make sure to update your diploma address as well.  Diplomas are mailed to the diploma address we have listed for you and it does not get updated by the above changes.  For help with updating your diploma address, visit View/Update Your Graduation Data.

You can request an Enrollment Verification in your Student Center in SPIRE. Click on the "other academic" drop down and choose "Enrollment Verification".  Follow the instructions to request.

It is an advising tool to show you your progress through your degree program. Information on ARR

Come to the University Registrar's Office in Whitmore Room 213 to have staff review your exam schedule and receive an approval form.


You register for classes in SPIRE. View more information.

Enrollment appointment times to register for classes are determined by a student's potential Academic level, which includes completed and currently enrolled credit totals.

This is found in SPIRE under your Student Service Center. More information.

You may make a section change at any time during the semester, with the instructor’s signature of approval on a course change request card.

Late adds must get approval from an Academic Dean.  The Dean will sign a course change form indicating approval only after they have received documentation from the course instructor verifying your attendance.


You can print your own Unofficial transcript through SPIRE.  If you want an Official transcript, you can request within SPIRE or submit a request form.

Course and Schedule

You may change the credit value of a variable credit course at any time with the signature approval of the instructor on a course change form.


This information is found in your ARR.  If you are not an active student, come to the University Registrar's Office, 213 Whitmore, with a picture ID or you can mail/fax a signed request to us and we will send you the information.

An "INC" grade automatically turns to an "IF" after one semester (or to an "F" if it was taken before Fall 2004).  An instructor may submit a Grade Change Form with their signature at anytime during that semester which will change the "INC" to a letter grade.  An "INC" grade may be extended for a semester provided the instructor of the course has submitted a request to the Registrar's Office.

You must contact your instructor as soon as possible.


Currently a CeDiploma is only available for February 2018 graduates and forward.

The CeDiploma will be available approximately 4-6 weeks after your degree has been posted to your record. You will receive an email notification when a CeDiploma is available to be downloaded.

CeCredential Trust is the branded name of the digital signature that the university's vendor uses to digitally sign the CeDiploma.

The CeDiploma is best viewed in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. Some features may not be available when viewed in a web browser’s default viewer. Change the default viewer in your web browser so that it uses Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

Note for Mac users: When viewing an official electronic credential from UMass Amherst, the software uses Adobe’s secure certified PDF technology and therefore may only be viewed using the free Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or higher. The default Mac preview application will not display the document correctly.

Once downloaded, digital purchases cannot be refunded.

A CeDiploma is a secure PDF. In order to access the PDF, you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You may download Acrobat Reader from the Adobe site (the optional offers already checked are not required.)

If you graduated in February 2018 or later you can obtain your CeDiploma through SPIRE. Go to Main Menu > Academics > Electronic Diploma. You will see a link (Order Certified Electronic Diploma) to CeCredential Trust, a third party vendor of the University.

A CeDiploma is for electronic use only and has printing disabled as a security feature. A CeDiploma can be viewed using Adobe Reader/ Acrobat 9.0 or higher and cannot be printed, but can always be shared.

Yes, you can download a digitally signed copy of your CeDiploma. You can then email it to anyone you desire.

There are two ways to validate your electronic diploma (this is noted on the second page of the diploma).

  • Validate through the UMass Amherst CeDiploma Validation page by typing the necessary information where indicated. This link is also available on the second page of the CeDiploma.

  • If you are using Adobe Reader or Acrobat 9.0 or higher, you will be able to view the digital signature which is part of the overall security of the document, detailed on the second page of the CeDiploma.

Note: Other PDF/digital readers and some mobile devices may not be able to read the digital signature.