TES Internal Evaluation Tracker documentation for departments

Students will submit a course to the Registrar’s office for evaluation or to the EAB portal on the Transfer Admissions website.

You should receive an email from TES (usually it will be from TES on behalf of Janet Danylieko) if the Registrar’s Office has sent you a course evaluation; please add tes@collegesource.com to your address book or these emails may go to your spam or junk folder.  

Log into TES and navigate to Track>My Evaluations:

My Evaluations

Please note that you can filter these by ‘Assigned to me’ and ‘Created by me’.  Click on the arrow next to the evaluation you wish to view.  You will want to view ‘Assigned to me.’

On the next page, you will receive some basic information; click the arrow again:

My Assigned Evaluations

On the next page, you will see the following:

My Assigned Evaluations Details

A member of the Registrar’s Office will include both the incoming course description and the description of the UMass course they feel may match.  The evaluation detail section will include any comments from the Registrar staff.

Please note that the Registrar’s Office will not send you course evaluations for courses that they currently already equate, courses for which generic credit is appropriate, or gen ed.

Once you have review the courses and made a decision about whether the courses can be equated, click the dropdown under ‘Select An Action’:

My Assigned Evaluations Take an Action

The choices you have are as follows: Approve, Deny (subcategories of Subject, Level, Lab, Sequence, or Other), Need More Information, Re-Assign, Edit/Add a Course, Create Equivalency and Close, Add/Edit Support File, and Close.


If you choose Approve, please be sure that the ‘Send email alert’ box is checked and click ‘Confirm.’

In the notes, please add any additional comments you may have.  


If you choose Deny or Deny/subcategory, a similar box will pop up:

Again, please be sure that the ‘Send email alert’ box is checked; please include the reason in the comments section.

Need More Information

Please include a comment with what information/documentation you need so that we can be in touch with the student if need be:

Add/Edit Course

If you choose this option, this screen will pop up:


You will see the transfer course and the UMass course still at the top – you can use the search functions below for departments at the transfer institution and the UMass departments to find other courses you believe are a better fit:


To add another class, simply click the plus next to it and you will see it populate into the equivalent courses.  You may also click the X to remove a course in the Transfer Course or Equivalent Course Area.  Click ‘Done’ when you are ready to move on.  It will send the equivalencies back to the Registrar’s office.

Create Equivalency and Close

While you will be able to choose this status, we ask that you do not do this, as the Registrar’s office may need to send the equivalency to a Transfer Admissions staff member for secondary review.

Add/Edit Support File

If you wish to add a document, you may do so here, although this will mostly be for Registrar’s staff to send requested information to you:



Again, while you will be able to choose this status, we ask that you do not do use this.

Final Steps

Once your status has returned to the University Registrar’s office, they will consult with Transfer Admissions and place the equivalency into the Spire tables.  Please remember that this means that all students going forward will receive the equivalency.  We ask that you make a decision within 1 business week of receipt.


Please also note that Janet Danylieko will be the primary contact and if you need to choose to route anything once, please send it to her (jdanylie@umass.edu).