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University Registrar's Services

The University Registrar Systems Group can provide important services for schools and colleges.  For example, if you would like to enroll large groups of students into one class or numerous classes there is a process called 'Block Enrollment' that we can provide for you. The services currently provided are described below. Please complete the form to request them.  If you do not see a systems service you think you need or you have questions, please contact the University Registrar's Systems team with your question.

Block Enrollment

Through the Block Enrollment feature, you can merge a block of students with a block of classes and post these merged blocks as enrollment requests all in one procedure.

Business Process Review

Business process review includes a review of the functionality that you are currently using in SPIRE and what business needs you have that might be available in SPIRE functionality.

Reporting Options Review

The reporting options review includes a review of what you currently use for your reporting needs, what needs you have and what other options are available.

Service Indicators

Service indicators can be holds that prevent a student from receiving certain services or positive indicators that designate special services to be provided. Service indicators consist of one or more impact values that identify the types of specific services that are restricted or provided.

Student Groups

Student groups enable you to set up groups (such as  Athlete or Freshman) and assign these groups to individuals. Then you can perform actions (such as run reports and processes) on a group, which affects all of the individuals in the group.


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