Meeting Time Guidelines

The university uses the following general guidelines and scheduling sequence to assure the optimal use of classroom resources:

  • All departments/programs should schedule classes and lectures MWF from 8 AM– 5:15 PM and TT is 8:30 AM – 5:15 PM.
  • Seminars and Independent Studies can be scheduled later in the day.
  • Discussions can be scheduled later in the day and during the day on Friday, but departments should try to distribute them - like the labs - across all 5 days.
  • Any special events like Guest Lectures/ Service Learning Meetings/ Practica/ Independent Studies that need rooms should be scheduled from 4 PM.
  • Film classes should be scheduled after 1 PM, but click HERE for guidelines of film classes in the ILC.
  • Each Department/Program should aim for a uniform distribution of classes on all days of the week. (NOTE:  there is very little classroom availability on TT between 9 AM– 4 PM)
  • Departments should use the TT or MWF distribution for scheduling classes.

CCM schedules classes in the following sequence:

  1. Large auditoria classes taught at the same time and capacity as in previous years on M-F mornings (these can be rotated within the department as desired).
  2. Large auditoria classes taught on MWF afternoons in previous years will get priority.  Please adjust the times to conform to the university Meeting Times, or CCM can assist you with the adjustments.
  3. Large 100 - level Gen Eds are the next priority.
  4. Small previously taught classes (45 capacity and below) with time changes from previous terms but use the university meeting start times.
  5. For previously taught classes with new increased capacities that require a new room assignment, CCM will communicate with the department with possible solutions to accommodate the class.
  6. For classes with start and end times that differ from the university meeting times, CCM may propose a 4 PM start time.  Departments should note that start and end times that differ from university meeting times will limit the enrollment of these classes since they will conflict with students’ other classes.  If these start times are necessary please specify this clearly in the facility comments tab in CAPS.  Also, departments can match these classes and pair them with another class that can meet at the same time on a different day.  (For example: If a class is offered from 2:45-5:30 PM on Tuesday only, it could be paired with another class that has the same meeting pattern on Thursday). Please call CCM if you need assistance matching courses not starting at a standard time.
  7. Class size of 10 or less may have limited options during the hours between 9-2:30 PM, but CCM will attempt to accommodate them.

General Reminders:

  • If the department has departmental space to be assigned for a class, please add it to the facility comments tab in CAPS.
  • Large Classes of 60 and above offered from 7 PM impact evening exams. Therefore, the class may be moved to a different location during the evening exam period.
  • Large blended classes should not change to a regular course after students have enrolled.  If the change has to be made and CCM cannot locate a room, they may ask for the class to be split into smaller sections.
  • Online classes should not change to in-person instruction mode after students have enrolled.   If the change has to be made CCM will try to accommodate, but classroom availability may be limited.