Class Assignment Procedures

Scheduling classes on campus will have a different sequence of priority based on the building, capacity and features of the classroom.  Team Based Learning (TBL) rooms, Auditoria (60 cap and above) will follow different priorities from smaller classrooms

Team Based Learning (TBL) Rooms

University of Massachusetts Amherst has a total of seven Team-Based Learning (TBL) classrooms on campus to promote active and collaborative learning.

Auditoria Rooms(60 capacity and above)

CCM schedule classes for large rooms as outlined in Meeting Time Guidelines.  Specific room requests due to teaching methods or equipment availability in the room should be mentioned clearly in the CAPS ‘facility comment' in the meetings Panel for the section.  Every effort will be made to provide the room needed as long as it follows the guidelines mentioned.

Specialized Rooms

Multi-Use Auditorium room (ILCS240) will be assigned as a regular instructional lecture room during the mornings and will be used for Film/Media classes in the afternoon starting from 1PM, if the class meets the capacity of the room.  If media classes are small in size but need the room, CCM will recommend the time of the class based on the availability of the room.

Small flexible rooms on campus will be assigned for courses that are suited for collaborative teaching pedagogy.