Instructor Roles in CAPS

Instructor Roles In CAPS

All instructors who have access to student records should have FERPA certification.  Please see HERE for more information and how to be FERPA certified.

Instructor ID
This is the SPIRE ID (or Campus ID) – not the Human Resources ID number. Please contact the instructor, if you do not know the SPIRE/Campus ID number at the time you’re submitting changes for the proposals or proofs.  Once you have the ID, add it to CAPS in the Instructor Panel, and CAPS will populate the name of the instructor, along with the status of the instructor.

Instructor Name
CAPS has the capacity to search for the instructor ID based on the name.  Please list the instructor name in the ‘Add Instructor’ tab to get the SPIRE ID.   Please cross-check the ID and the instructor name against your instructor list, before adding the instructor to the class.  

Graduate Courses
For graduate courses, the PIs must be approved by the members of the Graduate Faculty.

Note:  Please do not list instructors for Thesis/Dissertation courses.

Guidelines for Assigning Instructor Roles

  Instructor of Record* Instructional Support** Grading Access Moodle Access***
Faculty (including Lecturers) PI SA Yes Full
Graduate Students PI TA

PI = Yes

PI = Full

    MOODLE TA, / MOODLE = No TA = Limited
Undergraduate Students Not Allowed TA MOODLE No Access Set by PI on MOODLE
Professional / Classified Staff Not Allowed Not Allowed No No

*Instructor of Record (PI) is an individual responsible for delivering the primary instruction in the class, whether physical or electronic, credit-bearing or not, graded or not.

**Instructional Support refers to a wide range of activities to support the work of Instructors of Record (PI), including curriculum support, grading papers, managing on-line resources, preparing experiments.  Individuals making a minor or occasional contribution (e.g., a guest lecturer) may be assigned an Instructional Support role, but should not be designated an Instructor of Record role.

***Moodle Access. The Moodle role involves building the course, creating quizzes, homework, and grading. The Non-editing instructor role (given by default to TAs) allows access to student submissions and grading, but does not allow TAs to upload resources or add activities.


Instructor Roles (There are four choices)

Primary Instructor (PI)

  • Only faculty (including lecturers) and graduate students may be designated as PI.
  • Graduate students responsible for lab or discussion sections should always be assigned a PI role.
  • Only faculty members may be designated PI for independent study, practicum.
  • For classes that are co-taught, there may be multiple PIs.
  • Individuals making a minor or occasional contribution (e.g., a guest lecturer) may be assigned an SA, but should not be designated a PI.

Section Assistant (SA)

  • Faculty members, including those who supervise graduate or undergraduate students who serve as PI for discussion or lab sections, should be assigned the SA role.
  • Faculty members who submit grades for independent study, thesis, or similar work but who are not the supervisors of such work should be given the SA role.

Teaching Assistant (TA)

  • Graduate and undergraduate students assigned to any form of instructional support should be given the TA role (graduate students responsible for lab or discussion sections should be given the PI role).

Moodle Access

  • This role should be used to identify faculty and staff who only provide help through Moodle.  They will not have access to grades or class rosters through SPIRE.
  • PIs can expand TA permissions in a Moodle course themselves.
  • For non-instructional staff assistants to have (non-grading) access to Moodle, the PI must submit a Course Designer request form HERE.
  • Undergraduate students who would be assisting with material creation in Moodle, can have access.  Please follow the new process to have certified FERPA agreements, HERE.

Print in Schedule
This field controls whether the instructor’s name is visible in the Course Catalog or not.  It should be set to ‘Y’, for primary instructors of graded sections, as students and advisors like to identify the instructor for a class.  The Print field is by default, populated as ‘N’ on CAPS, for non-graded sections, and if the instructor role is TA, SA or Moodle.  TA and Moodle roles cannot be changed, but if you want an SA to be printed in schedule, please choose ‘Y’ on CAPS.