Add New Course/Section

Add New Course/Section In CAPS

  • A new course can be added through Add New Course in CAPS. All required fields are marked with an asterisk.
  • Other details like the session, Start & End Dates, Campus, and Location will be automatically included.
  • A new section can be added for an existing section through the Add a Section page. CAPS will copy information from a section that was scheduled any time within the last 5 years.  From there, the details of the section can be adjusted through Manage Classes.


  • Each experimental course (X90) to be offered beyond a third time must have an approval memo with all required signatures attached to the printout.  Otherwise, this office cannot process such courses.
  • Honors Colloquia requests should be forwarded to the Commonwealth College Office, 201 CHC Building.
  • After colloquia are approved, the approvals will be listed in the Commonwealth College database, which is accessible to our office via the Web.
  • Please contact the Office of Internships when setting up new internship courses.
  • All student-teaching course numbers and titles are coded to meet certification guidelines.  Each authorized department will automatically be listed and will have a specific designation.

To add a new course to the catalog

  • A new course can be added to the catalog through the Add New Course section in CAPS.
  • New permanently-numbered courses must be approved by the FACULTY SENATE (new courses will be available to add once Course and Classroom Management has received the signed paperwork). 91-98 courses can be added without faculty senate approval.
  • Course and Classroom Management will affix a letter to the new seminar or special topic course and make note of the addition in the General Comments section for future reference.
  • If you wish to include a course description, you can add it through the appropriate field under Add New Course. Information pertinent to the specific semester in which the course is being taught can be included in the class notes.