25Live Guide for RSO Events


All academic departmental requests like classes, exams, reviews, help sessions and conferences, including special events scheduled throughout the term, final and midterm exam scheduling, third party public examinations (MCAT, LSAT, etc),  take priority over RSO events.
RSO events that are associated with specific classes or sponsored by academic departments and departmental clubs are scheduled before individual RSO requests.

Date Scheduling Limitations

Midterm scheduling is not completed until 2 – 3 weeks into a term, therefore student groups event scheduling will start after the mid-term/evening exams are scheduled.
Splitting semester-long recurring requests to weekly requests for the first month of the semester, allows us to easily assign available rooms for the event.

Time Scheduling Limitations:

After 7pm, Monday – Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday are the time slots open for RSO. No classrooms are available during finals week.

Room Size Limitations:

Small room requests (20 – 40 capacity) can be easily scheduled than large room (50 and above) requests. Large auditoria requests (100+ capacity) are more restrictive because of smaller inventory and larger demand.  Large auditoria also have blackout periods during the term when they cannot be scheduled.  During midterms/evening exams the auditoria are usually booked from 7pm – 10pm.

General Information:

Student requested RSO room requests can be made only through Scheduling Coordinator of Student Activities & Involvement (caolead@stuaf.umass,edu or mnielsen@umass.edu).  

Requests for rooms should be submitted with a minimum of five working days in advance of the event.  

If an RSO event has a publication deadline, clearly indicate on the request.  Scheduling will comply with the deadline or notify what is the earliest possible date.  

Care should be taken to avoid large noise, music or disruption to the classes around the RSO event.

No food or drinks are allowed in any of the academic classrooms.

Furniture in the room should be left in the classroom configuration and cannot be moved out of the room during or after the event.


If RSO event disrupts classes or exams in the building and there are complaints, this may result in the loss of the academic room, or they may be asked to move to a much later time in the evening for future events.