25Live Guide for General Events

To request academic rooms for any event that is not in the schedule of classes, or to announce an event scheduled in departmental space, please use 25Live.

All academic events, or administrative events will have equal priority for academic rooms.  The room assignments will be based on availability of space, and proper use of the room for the event.

Any Conference or event that has a fee will not be accommodated through this system.  Please contact conference services to reserve such events.
Date Scheduling Limitations:  
Academic spaces will be confirmed if the event request has been properly submitted as indicated in the 25Live User Reference.
Events scheduled during federal or university holidays will have to provide the speed type of the department requesting the event.  There may be a fee involved for services (custodial, IT, security services) during that time.
During Finals week, priority is given to help sessions and review sessions.

Time Scheduling Limitations:
During the semester, it is possible to schedule events after 7pm, Monday – Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday.
If the event needs a set-up time before the event, it should be clearly indicated with a reason.

Room Size Limitations:
Small rooms (20 – 40 capacity) are more likely to be available on weekday evenings 7 PM onwards.
Priority for large classroom and auditoria (100+ capacity) will be given to academic events such as mid-terms/evening exams if space is available and only then can be assigned to General events.

Special Requests:
If there is an event publication deadline clearly indicated on the request, Scheduling will comply with the deadline or notify what is the earliest possible date.
If an event requires extra IT equipment or furniture, it should be clearly indicated on the request.  The request will be forwarded to physical plant or IT and will be based on the availability of such equipment.  Based on the request, physical plant or IT may require a speed-type to process the request.
CCM reserves only academic spaces.  Use of atriums, Lounges, Greenhouses, or other departmental spaces should have permission of the responsible department.  We can only publish such events through 25Live, but do not have access to the schedule of such spaces.

Condition of the Room:
Furniture should be in its original position after the event.  No food or drinks should be brought into the