Elective Pass/Fail changes for Spring 2020 - Updated 4/17/20

  • VIDEO: Everything You Need to Know about Elective Pass/Fail Spring 2020
  • FAQs About Electing Pass/Fail for a Spring 2020 Course
  • All letter graded courses will now be allowed to be selected as elective pass/fail courses.
  • All elective pass/fail courses taken in Spring 2020 can be applied to any general education, major, certificate, or minor requirement.
  • To elect Pass/Fail or Revoke Pass/Fail click the down arrow on the Other Academic drop-down list to the left of your Class Schedule on the Student Center.
  • Five College students taking UMass Amherst courses - We will report letter grades to the student's home institution.  Students should contact their home registrar for policies on pass/fail grading.
  • UMass Amherst students taking Five College courses - We will be receiving letter grades from the other four colleges.  If you would like to change a letter grade to a P grade, please contact the registrar's office after grading for Spring 2020 is complete.
  • International and Domestic exchange students taking classes at UMass Amherst are eligible for elective pass/fail grading, but they will not be able to request that in SPIRE.  Students should contact the registrar's office prior to April 29 to select elective pass/fail grading.  They should also contact your home institution to review their policies regarding credit for P graded classes.
  • UMass Amherst students taking courses in a study abroad program or through domestic exchange are not eligible to select elective pass/fail as those courses are not considered in the GPA on the UMass transcript.  If the institution reports a P or S(AT) grade through their policies, then we will report that grade on the transcript.