Record Retention and Disposition Schedules

All University records are the property of the University regardless of their location, even when in the possession of individuals. University records may not be destroyed except in accordance with approved record retention and disposition schedules.

University employees are required to comply with and reference University Record Retention and Disposition Schedules to determine the length of time a particular class of records must be maintained, and the final disposition of a record. Departments maintaining Official Records shall ensure they are protected.

It is critical that disposal of “expired” and duplicate records is performed on a timely basis as failure to do so can lead to an unnecessary liability to the University.  

In order to assist with the management and disposition of records, a list of common records can be found in the links provided here: 

Retention Schedules are divided into the following sections:

  • Schedule A—Academic
  • Schedule B—Student Affairs
  • Schedule C—Public Safety/Environmental Health & Safety
  • Schedule D—Research, Sponsored Projects, Contracts, Grants/Trademarks
  • Schedule E—Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity and Diversity
  • Schedule F—Advancement
  • Schedule G—Administration
  • Schedule H—Construction/Real Property
  • Schedule I—Health/Medical

Download the UMass Amherst Record Retention and Disposition Schedules here.