The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Veterinary & Animal Science Majors RAPs Fall 2022

These RAPs are an option for students who have been admitted as an Animal Science major or a Vet Tech Major. Joining one of these RAPs acknowledges your commitment, and encourages you to explore, as a group with others in the major, the many opportunities available in these exciting fields.

For Fall 2022 there will be options depending upon your admitted field:

  • Animal Science Majors RAP
  • Vet Tech Majors RAP

Students in either of the Veterinary & Animal Science Majors RAPs will:

  • Enroll in a unique 1-credit seminar which will introduce you to a range of academic opportunities available through the department.
  • Share your living and learning experience with a community of peers who are all committed to working with animals and engaging in research in campus farms and livestock facilities.
  • Work closely with faculty and explore academic and/or career opportunities.
  • Connect easily with classmates for study groups and class projects.
  • Room with another student in the RAP.

This program is a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with other motivated Veterinary & Animal Science majors, meet faculty, and learn about opportunities within the Veterinary & Animal Science department at UMass Amherst.

RAP Location and Course Information Fall 2022

Students will enroll together in a designated section of the one-credit Vet & Animal Science RAP First-Year Seminar taught on main campus:

Students in the Animal Science Majors RAP will live together in Crabtree Hall in the Northeast residential area.

Animal Science Majors RAP Seminar: Students will explore a variety of issues related to the major. Students will participate in small group projects and class discussions in a supportive environment for personal reflection and critical thinking on the topics germane to the course content.  Students will identify ways to incorporate personal interests with academic interests. 


Students in the Vet Tech Majors RAP will live together in Dwight Hall in the Northeast residential area.

Vet Tech Majors RAP Seminar:  Our ever-changing relationship with animals has shaped human history leading to profound influences on human culture, the economy, and even our world views. What is it about the brain chemistry in animals and humans that allows for this unique relationship?  What happens when the human-animal bond is severed?  This seminar will examine the unique relationship between humans and animals from a variety of perspectives over several


Veterinary & Animal Science Majors RAP