The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Transfer Success Seminar 

Seminar Learning Objectives

  • Students will understand the wealth of resources and services on campus to support their success. (Libraries, Learning Resource Center, Writing Center, OURS, CMASS, Health….)
  • Students will identify which programs and services they want to connect with
  • Students will make connections with students in and out of the Transfer Seminar
  • Students will track their academic progress and access support services if necessary

Seminar Structure

  • Seminar will meet 1x/week
  • Content will include:
    • Introduction to resources and opportunities across campus
    • Connections to advising resources
    • Career engagement activities
    • Reflection activities designed to assist in transition and connection to each other and the broader community at UMass
  • Students will have the opportunity to attend events on and off campus with returning transfer students.

Transfer Success Seminar Fall 2020 details

Rene Mallia Cruz - Transfer RAP Instructor

Rene is a Master's student in higher education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Originally, they are from New York City and moved to Massachusetts to pursue a Bachelor's degree from Hampshire College. At Hampshire College, Rene studied ethnomusicology and economic development; focusing on the correlations between economic development and the acceptability of Afro-Dominican identity as seen through vodu music. Rene was influenced by their undergraduate academic research and experience as a tour guide to pursue a Master's in higher education; specifically to increase access to higher education for first generation students of color. 

Transfer RAP