The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Throughout the year students have many opportunities to engage within the residential community, including: movie nights, cooking nights, as well as beyond the residential community, through events created to positively impact the greater campus community. Some programs are designed for students within one of the particular programs in Thatcher, others bring all Thatcher students together for cross cultural opportunities. Thatcher residence hall has a variety of lounges and common spaces (including a full kitchen) where students gather to socialize in the language or around common interests. 


Language Based Programs

For Fall of 2019 students may choose from the following specific Language Programs: German, Italian, and Japanese

  • Students in each language program enroll in a specially-designed two-credit conversation/culture course that meets once/week. 
  • Students who participate in Thatcher Language Based Programs may be: language learners, heritage speakers, native speakers, and students who have studied abroad, or who plan to.
  • Students must have enough proficiency to participate fully in the required course.

Global Culture Program

The Global Cultures Program is intended for students who are interested in exploring world cultures through academic and experiential opportunities. It is open to all students, language mastery is not required for this program. Students may be new learners of one of the six languages offered in Thatcher or may have language mastery in a different language. 

  • This option ​includes a 2-credit course where students will explore various aspects of cultures from around the world.
  • Students will work together to create activities and events based on the particular interests of the group.

Thatcher Language Program