The University of Massachusetts Amherst

"Sustainable Living: Solutions for the 21st Century": NRC 185 (GenEd SI)   Fall 2019

Students will live in Crabtree Hall in the Northeast residential area.

Read what Fall 2019 instructor Alula Shields has to say about the course: 

This course investigates the relationship between human cultures and the natural world. We will question and deconstruct unsustainable worldviews and take an in-depth look at the critical issues threatening our environment and the beings in it. Through team-based projects, discussions and research, students will have an opportunity to consider the responsibility of their actions and devise alternatives to create meaningful change. Students will engage in a semester-long civic engagement project where they will develop leadership skills and have hands-on experience creating a positive impact. Students that seek a more sustainable lifestyle will learn the principals and practices in this course. 

Sustainability & Society RAP