The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Gen Ed RAPs 

Are open to ALL first-year students, these RAPs are a wonderful choice if you are interested in taking a small class with people from a variety of majors (including undeclared) who live in the same residence hall.

All Gen Ed RAPs include a:

  • General Education (Gen Ed) course that will enable you to explore
  • new and interesting ideas while moving forward in meeting your
  • university Gen Ed requirements.
  • Designated residence hall where you will have the opportunity to
  • participate in various activities and events designed to enhance your experience and deepen your connection with your RAP peers.

Generating Pathways to Success (GPS)
In the fall semester, students in Gen Ed RAPs will attend a “GPS Event” where they will be introduced to and have an opportunity to engage with topics that are integral to their college success.

Fall 2022 Gen Ed RAPs:

These RAPs are by Invitation:

College/School RAPs

Are open to students within a specific collegiate unit. There are three types of RAPs that fall under this category College Connect, Majors, and Honors RAPs

College Connect RAPs are open to both declared and undeclared students within the given collegiate unit and include:

  • A 1-credit first-year seminar (capacity of 19 or fewer students) AND
  • Designated residence hall

Fall 2022 Connect RAPs:

Majors RAPs are open to students entering in specific declared majors. Students in Major RAPs often have an opportunity to meet faculty and learn about research opportunities and include:

  • Enrollment in at least one small section of a course and/or seminar AND
  • Designated residence hall

Fall 2022 Majors RAPs:

RAPs for Commonwealth Honors College Students