The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Public Health Fact or Fiction (SPHHS 191PUBH21) 1 credit

Read what Fall 2022 instructor Colleen Chase has to say about the course:

The SPHHS first-year seminar is designed to support your transition to college and introduce you to a topic related to public health and health sciences. The first six weeks of the semester will be designed to provide the foundational skills for students to be successful and thrive at UMass. The last seven weeks will be focused on exploring a public health and health science topic: Public Health Fact or Fiction.

There is vast misinformation amongst the general public on health recommendations. In the last seven weeks, students will learn how to scientifically interpret pop science articles, where to find data informed recommendations, and how to communicate this information. Students will come away from this course with the tools to decipher accurate health information and disseminate this information to the general public. Topics include: common myths including those involving physical activity, sports performance, sleep, and nutrition.

Students will live together in James Hall in the Southwest residential area in Fall 2022.

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