The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Perspectives on Public Health (Public Health 191) 1 credit

Fall 2019 description:

Public health and the health sciences are incredibly broad and diverse fields, especially as the fields constantly evolve to address the health issues that face people across the globe. Finding your “niche” in health requires some exploration, taking advantage of opportunities, and planning for the future. Throughout the semester, we will explore different areas of public health such as nutrition, communication disorders, physical activity, community health, and health policy. This seminar will connect these different disciplines of public health to current events facing the world today.

Ultimately, the goals of this seminar are to:

  1. expose students to different potential avenues of the health sciences
  2. increase students’ awareness to current issues facing public health
  3. ensure that students are aware of the opportunities and resources available at UMass in order to maximize their success in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences and beyond. 

Students will live together in Emerson Hall in the Southwest residential area.

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