The University of Massachusetts Amherst

For Fall 2022 Students in the PVA Majors RAP will live together in Van Meter Hall in the Central residential area.

PVA Majors RAP Seminar: Stop and Hear the Roses: Soundscapes of UMass

Read what Fall 2022 instructor Gilbert Wermeling has to say about the seminar:

The Performing and Visual Arts RAP focuses on the visual and/or performing arts in contemporary culture. Fall 2022 topic: it begins with our morning alarms, those cruel arbiters of wakefulness, and continues in the chatter of the dining commons, the honking of geese by the campus pond, and that noisy squeak all the PVTA buses make when they start moving.  We hear so many sounds every day.  How often, though, do we take time to listen closely and think about all the sounds we hear each day?  In Soundscapes of UMass we will explore music as sound and the relationships that we have formed with it.  We will record bird songs, sing with microwaves, attend concerts, and call 1-800 numbers to get put on hold. This course is intended for HFA students in the Performing and Visual Arts majors interested in exploring sound from the perspective of the arts

Performing & Visual Arts Majors RAP