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NEW: Strategies for Teaching Remote Students from Traditional Classrooms (from IDEAS)

Campus Resources

Maroon Folder - Crisis Resources 

Wellbeing (Culture of Caring) Insert

Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) 

Instructional Design, Engagement & Support  (IDEAS - homepage) 

Instructional Design, Engagement & Support (IDEAS webinar & workshops calendar)

International Programs Office   (IPO)

Moodle Resources

 A Quick Tour of Moodle for Instructors 

Activity Types in Moodle offers a description of the various kinds of activities that Moodle supports.

Course Development/Teaching Resources

"From the Expert: Tips on lecturing with a mask" from University of Georgia

"3 Tips on teaching while wearing a mask" from Indiana University

Screen Recording on Zoom 

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

The W. E. B. Du Bois Library has a wealth of information to address the critical issues of Academic Honesty and Plagiarism.

Information on Policy and Procedure related to Academic Honesty is hosted on the Student Success website.

How to support student to maintain academic integrity.

Resources for Students

First-Year Student Resource Guide: Explains Common Content Goals for FY Seminars, provides an overview of the Student Success website, including the Success Toolkit Series and Student Success Planner, and connects students to tips for success. 

Wellbeing Wednesday Emails: Every Wednesday, the University connects the UMass community with resources, tips, tricks, and supports organized around a central theme.

Additional Readings

Cavanagh, Sarah Rose. “How I’m Spending my Pandemic Summer Vacation.”

DeRosa, Robin. “Values-Center Instructional Planning.”

Pedagogies of Care offers practical and engaging advice on online teaching on a variety of topics, keeping in mind accessibility, inclusion, design, teaching, collaborative practices, assessment, and more. The website links to books, audiobooks, articles, videos, etc.

Darby, Flower. “5 Ways to Connect with Online Students.”

Matthews, Maximillian. “Centering Students’ Needs.”           

Updated August 26, 2020

Fall 2021 RAP Instructor Job Information

Gen Ed Course Instructor Job Description   

RAP Seminar Instructor Job Description    

RAP Course Syllabus Information
Fall 2021

Syllabus Checklist - for RAP GEN ED classes - See a list of all required elements for a RAP course syllabus.

Syllabus Suggestions - Best Practices - check out some examples from prior RAP course syllabi.

I really enjoy this class, and I think it is very engaging. I also enjoy that I am exposed to different perspectives, both of students in the class, and of historical views. This class presents a unique and insightful view of the world, and has encouraged me to ask questions I would not have thought of otherwise.

    Fall 2020 student

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