The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Students will enroll together in the following courses:

Service Learning 192: Self-Awareness, Social Justice & Service (GenEd DUSB) Fall 2022 

Read what Fall 2022 instructor Terrell James has to say about the class:

In the Fall Semester RAP course we will deepen our understanding of our own intersecting social identities through reflecting on social justice theory, contemplative practices, and community engagement work. This class will ask us to explore how power, privilege, and oppression shape our lives and how they relate to the work of our partner community organizations. In this course students will also examine the difference between service and critical community engagement so that they can practice cultural humility while working with community organizations. The content of this course will also  Reflect our current social and political context which means we will discuss how current events Impact RAP community partners and our lives.

Service Learning 293: Learning Through Community Engagement Spring 2023 - Optional and open to new students to enroll

In the Spring Semester RAP course we will continue our thinking about community engagement and social justice. We will investigate how power and inequalities influence how and what we think about our engagement work. We will then redefine engagement through evaluating our experiences with community organizations and integrate academic and experiential learning..


Students will live together in Melville Hall in the Southwest residential area.