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Course Information Fall 2019

Students will enroll together in the following 1-credit seminar:

Race in America: HFA First-Year Seminar (HM & FNART 191)

Read what  instructor Bob Williams has to say about the RAP seminar: 

A century ago WEB Du Bois wrote one of the most important books on race in the American canon, The Souls of Black Folk. This book was written to educate Americans on the reality of race in our country in order that we could begin a process of cultural evolution - one that would transform our country to a nation that would be able to process this reality. As the continued impoverishment of, and violence against, African American, Latino, and Native American people has demonstrated, this work is still ongoing.

This seminar exists as a contribution to the Du Boisian mission. To this end, in this one-credit seminar:

  • We will explore the origins of race as a concept and its pervasive influence on American life and
  • Through four units that scaffold upon each other, students will expand their understanding of this social, cultural, political, and economic process.

Location Fall 2019

Students will live together in Van Meter Hall in the Central residential area.

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