The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Students will enroll together in the following 1-credit seminar:

Inequality, Injustice & Mindfulness in the Humanities and Fine Arts 

Read what Fall 2022 instructor Dylan Larke has to say about the RAP seminar: 

Inequality, Injustice & Mindfulness in the Humanities and Fine Arts is an interactive First Year Seminar designed to support students enrolled in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA), either as an HFA major or a student in the HFA Exploratory Track. Through using creative and mindful-based contemplative practices such as journal writing, drawing and coloring, this course supports first year students interested in the humanities and fine arts as they critically explore and examine issues of inequality and injustice. This academic experience will provide students with a strong sense of awareness of their own personal and social identities, while encouraging them to build meaningful connections that can help them be more successful in college and beyond. 

Location Fall 2022

Students will live together in Van Meter Hall in the Central residential area.

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