The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Course Information Fall 2020

Students will enroll together in the following 1-credit seminar (taught on main campus):

Career and Major Investigation (HM & FNART 192M)

Read what Fall 2020 instructor Kara Eich-Richardson has to say about the RAP seminar: 

Career and Major Investigation is a course designed to support HFA students in exploring and ultimately confirming and/or declaring an academic major at UMASS. This seminar will offer students an opportunity to increase self-awareness, improve communication skills, and practice critical thinking strategies as they explore various academic major requirements and career options. Students will be asked to reflect on personal interests, skills, abilities, and individual passions in the context of understanding how personality can impact career choice and lifelong learning. Through small group discussions, brief writing assignments, and informational interviews, students will explore themes related to employment trends, choosing a career versus a job, trying out majors (or minors) before committing, having a change of heart, and creating meaningful employment opportunities. This seminar will also introduce students to campus resources, workshops provided by the Office of Student Success, and on-line career resources offered by HFA’s career development team. Participation in the University’s Majors Fair is expected. 

Location Fall 2020

Students will live together in Van Meter Hall in the Central residential area.

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