The University of Massachusetts Amherst

"International Short Story" - Comparative Literature 121  (GenEd AL) Fall 2022

Students will live together in Pierpont Hall in the Southwest residential area. 

Read what Fall 2022 instructor Michael Kowalchuk has to say about this course:

What is an American? 

What is America? This semester, we will be exploring short fiction from the Americas (North, Central, South, and the Caribbean), focusing on authors from a variety of backgrounds who have faced discrimination or oppression based on their race, gender, sexuality, political outlook, religion, national origin, class and endless combinations of those identities.

In addition to reading short stories, we will look at ways short stories have been adapted into movies, and how songs, poetry, and novellas can be considered their own kind of short fiction. Through close reading, short writing assignments, and group presentations, we will examine how short fiction as a genre can be used to express subjectivity and change the world.

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