The University of Massachusetts Amherst

International Short Story - Comparative Literature 121  (GenEd ALDG) Fall 2021

Students will live together in Emerson Hall in the Southwest residential area. 

Read what Fall 2021 instructor Marco Lobascio has to say about this course:

Just as painters can create masterpieces with only a few strokes of the brush, writers can bring to life complex characters and fascinating stories in but a few pages. But what do short stories do that several-hundred-page novels do not? How is short prose different from poetry? And what do short stories teach us about reading and writing? 

In this course you will: 

  • Read well-known and lesser-known short stories from different regions of the world 
  • Refine your close reading skills by working on short texts 
  • discuss literature with your peers utilizing professional level terminology 
  • Consider literature in relation to race, gender, sexuality, and class 
  • Refine your writing skills through a variety of writing exercises 
  • Enjoy getting ‘lost’ in a story! 

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