The University of Massachusetts Amherst

General Education courses: RAP sections compared to the course when offered on main campus:

RAP sections have a capacity of 30 students - Main campus sections may be very large (50 - 300).
RAP sections are structured to include discussion and group projects - Main campus is usually lecture format.

The course carries 4 credits.
Students will learn the same basic content and be equally prepared for any future courses in the department.
Although the type of work and format of the class will be different, RAP courses are not less work than main campus courses.

RAP Gen Ed courses:

  • have outstanding instructors - passionate and skilled at working with first-year college students.
  • are restricted to first-year students in the RAP and have a capacity of 30 or fewer students. 
  • meet the university requirements for graduation. 
  • are taught in the residential area.

Special activities encourage students to:

  • ​become engaged members of the campus and the global community.
  • reflect upon what they are learning and embrace an understanding of the power of connections.
  • appreciate the importance and relevance of the General Education program.

Foundations RAPs Fall 2015