The University of Massachusetts Amherst

8. What's the difference between the "Housing Contract" and the "Housing Preference Application"?

Answer: The Housing Contract "is a legally binding enforceable agreement, which will remain in force for the duration of residency and includes financial responsibility for the entire contract period." All students must sign the contract before they can hold a spot in a RAP and before they can apply for housing.

The Housing Preference Application is a process in which new students rank the different residential areas on campus and can request a roommate. The application will be available June 1 -July 11 and can be completed after holding a spot in a RAP.

For RAP students, instead of ranking the residential areas, they will confirm they are securing a room in the residence hall where the RAP is located. RAP students will also have the opportunity to request a roommate when completing the preference application. See question #9 for information on RAP and roommates.