The University of Massachusetts Amherst

12. Can I join a RAP if I have gender-inclusive housing needs?

RAP aims to be inclusive and accessible to students of all gender identities. While there aren’t designated gender-inclusive residence halls for first-year students, several RAPs are located in residence halls with full gender-inclusive bathrooms:

  • Southwest Residential Area: Cance Hall and Moore Hall
  • Northeast Residential Area: Knowlton Hall
  • Orchard Hill Residential Area: Webster Hall
  • Central Residential Area: Van Meter Hall
  • CHCRC: Oak Hall and Sycamore Hall

Refer to the RAPs by Location document to see which RAPs are in the residence halls listed.

For more information about Gender Inclusive housing visit the Living at UMass website.
Please reach out to Living at UMass if you have specific questions about gender-inclusive housing/roommate options and process.