The University of Massachusetts Amherst

1. What are the benefits of joining a RAP?

Students report that when they live and study together they do better academically, form lasting friendships, and have a more satisfying college experience!

At UMass Amherst, RAPs have the following benefits: 

  • Making Connections: Develop meaningful and lasting relationships with RAP course instructors.
  • A Smooth Transition:  You can build a solid foundation on which to begin your academic and social exploration of the university by enrolling in common classes with students in your RAP and attending classes within your residential area.  
  • A Supportive Community:  You can learn how to form study groups and work cooperatively with peers who share similar interests and are in classes with you. Students report that they can also help each other in informal ways like waking each other up for class, sharing class notes and working on homework together.
  • Ease of Registration:  Start the registration process for your first semester in college with one or two built-in classes!

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