The University of Massachusetts Amherst


Emerging Scholars First Year Seminar: Honors 191EH. This fulfills the mandatory 1-credit seminar required of all first year students. 

This seminar is designed to ensure that students begin their tenure at UMass Amherst by understanding the process and strategies that will be invaluable in helping them maximize their potential. The central aim is to foster critical reading and thinking, social and cultural skills, questioning skills, and comprehension in making sense of the educational institution, their career goals and their quality of life. Students will have the opportunity to:

  • work collaboratively
  • meet with a cross section of faculty and staff and understand the value of advising, networking and mentoring
  • engage in dialogue and writing across their different similarities as well connecting to their courses
  • understand how the Commonwealth Honors College can be beneficial to them


"Introduction to Sociology" Sociology 110H. This 4-credit course carries the Gen Ed designations DUSB 


"College Writing"- English Writing 112H (Gen Ed CW), 3 credits. There will be a designated section of this course for the students in the Emerging Scholars RAP. This is a required UMass Amherst course..


A designated section of “Ideas that Change the World” – Honors 201H: (Gen Ed I), 4 credits, which also fulfills the mandatory gen ed for first-year students.The course explores dilemmas addressed by the sciences, the arts, and the humanities. In each of these broad areas, the course focuses on questions about human nature, the sources of our knowledge, and the application of that knowledge to the solving of perennial and contemporary problems. The semester begins with inquiries into the nature of truth, of particular relevance in our era of debates over “alternative facts.” Then the course considers ongoing problems of violence, injustice, and environmental crisis. Our inquiries will establish a dialogue between past and present as we examine historical figures such as W.E.B. Du Bois, Rachel Carson, along with present-day innovators such as Temple Grandin and the Dalai Lama.

Emerging Scholars RAP