The University of Massachusetts Amherst

"Social Change in the 1960s": History 154 (Gen Ed DUHS) Fall 2019

Students will live together in Moore Hall in the Southwest residential area.

Read what Fall 2019 instructor Joie Campbell has to say about the course:

"Hell no, we won't go!" was just one of the protest chants announcing the extreme changes that swept the United States during the 1960s. This course examines the major historical events and social justice movements that took place from the mid-1950s into the 1970s through the lens of pop culture, including rock 'n' roll.

Within the context of the social and political changes of the time, songs will be played and analyzed. Considering race, class, gender, sexuality, and nation, students will be encouraged to think critically about music's impact then, as well as its connections to the world today. Students will work on informative and creative projects, both individually and in groups. We will also spend time in the Du Bois Library’s Special Collections & University Archives where students will investigate aspects of original materials gathered from the era being explored.

During this course we will cover topics such as:

  • The rise and power of teen consumerism
  • Counterculture, hippies, and psychedelia
  • Gay liberation and women's movements
  • Civil rights, civil disobedience, and armed resistance
  • Anti-war and anti-nuclear movements

Connecting with Social Justice RAP