The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Residential Location information for Fall 2019

Students will live together in Pierpont Hall in the Southwest residential area.

Course Information for Fall 2019

"Introduction to Interpersonal Communication and Culture ": Communication 118 (3 credits)

Read what instructor Menno Reijven has to say about the course: 

In our interpersonal communication, we try to accomplish interactional goals while also making assumptions about how the world works and what we value. In this course, we will explore how our culture affects how we communicate, but also how our communicative behavior is influenced by our goals. We will:

  • examine what we presume about the world in our communication;
  • study how people try to behave strategically in their interactions;
  • explore the difficulties of intercultural communication.

We will collaborate in small discussion groups and try to better understand communication of the world around us. We will gather data ourselves, both from public communication and our own talk in everyday life. We will focus on developing academic skills as well as conducting and communicating research findings.

Communication Majors