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Course Information for Fall 2022

"Introduction to Media Industries and Institutions": Communication 122 (3 credits)

Read what instructor Yijun Sun has to say about the course: 

In this course, we will explore the processes of media production, focusing on the institutional forces (i.e.industry practices, market structures, audience dynamics, etc.) that shape electronic media. We will learn more about production, distribution, and consumption of media through exploring historical, technical, economic, cultural, legal, political, and ethical factors. Through a combination of lectures, group projects and research papers. We will look at case studies from US and international television, film, news, music and internet industries. If you ever wondered how the media you are familiar with came to look the way they do, this class is for you!

Residential Location information for Fall 2022

Students will live together in Pierpont Hall in the Southwest residential area.

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