The University of Massachusetts Amherst

College Connect RAPs

Connect RAPs are open to  both declared and undeclared students within the given collegiate unit.

Connect RAPs include:

  • A 1-credit first-year seminar (capacity of 19 students) AND
  • Designated residence hall

CNS Connect - College of Natural Sciences
HFA ​Connect - College of Humanities & Fine Arts
PHHS ​Connect - School of Public Health & Health Sciences
SBS ​Connect - College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Exploratory RAPs

Exploratory RAPs are open to undeclared students who are in the Exploratory Track within a particular school/college. Through the seminar and specialized advising, students will be guided in strategies to move forward in declaring a major. 

Computing & Informatics Exploratory RAP




Major RAPs

Major RAPs are open to students entering declared in specific majors. Students in Major RAPs often have an opportunity to meet faculty and learn about research opportunities.

Communication Majors RAP
Computer Science Majors RAP
Engineering Majors RAP
Isenberg  Fellows RAPs
Nursing Majors RAPs
Performing & Visual Arts Majors RAP
Veterinary & Animal Science Majors RAP

College/School RAPs