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Students who join CNS Connect RAP in KNOWLTON Hall in the Northeast residential area will enroll in the following seminar:

CNS First-Year Seminar: "Physics in the kitchen" (introduction to soft matter physics via food & other materials found in your kitchen)

Read what Fall 2022 instructor Mel Lee  has to say about the seminar:

What can the foods we eat tell us about physics? We all have physics intuition from our daily lives, beyond just how things move. One place in our homes that is full of physics is actually our kitchen. Physics is more than just particle physics or astrophysics, and one particular less well-known - but very active! - field is soft matter physics. Soft matter physics covers many of the things in our kitchens - from the foods we eat to our cleaning supplies - and these are all things that we have intuition for. In this class, we will investigate the kitchen using soft matter physics and learn how to ask scientific questions about the phenomena we experience every day. 

Students who join CNS Connect RAP in CANCE Hall in the Southwest residential area will enroll in the following seminar:

CNS First-Year Seminar: Communicating Astrophysically, yet Artistically

Read what Fall 2022 instructor Nat DeNigris has to say about the seminar:

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered if we could ever begin to study this great big universe we call home? Do you think astronomers and artists can intersect in their exploration of our universe? How do astronomers use art and artists use astronomy to tell stories? In our class, we will explore these questions and more, first by investigating different elements of art and how they intertwine with a variety of topics in astronomy. We will then create our own works of art to express our understanding. We will also learn how both scientists and artists effectively communicate to a variety of audiences and the role of visual art and language in this process. This will culminate in a final presentation showcasing our newfound astronomy, art, and general science communication skills. Let’s make some art and explore the universe! 

Students who join CNS Connect RAP in WEBSTER Hall in the Orchard Hill residential area will enroll in the following seminar:

CNS First-Year Seminar: This Class is Going Viral

Read what Fall 2022 instructor Anand Soorneedi  has to say about the seminar:

There are more than 200,000 species of viruses that are unknown to us. How often do you come down with a nasty cold? What causes viruses to wreak havoc in an organism that is many orders of magnitude bigger than itself? Are viruses alive? Are viruses good or bad? This seminar will explore what viruses are and how they play an important role in human health (both good and bad). We will address these questions and discuss how viruses are grown and studied in the lab. Additionally, the course will include visits to some labs at UMass that do exciting virus research.  

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