Professional Writing and Technical Communication

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Voices of PWTC alumni

Current and former PWTC students reflect on some of the ways the program has influenced their undergraduate experience, career paths, and lives after graduation.

Kelsey Anderson: In Defense of the English Major

"One of my favorite things in the world right now is to be able to tell people — particularly the naysaying kind — that yes, I have a job, and oh, by the way, I was an English major at UMass Amherst." | Read more

Chris Pitt: "Space Sex Lizards" and Learning How to Learn

"In the Fall of 2014 I took my first PWTC course. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, as all I knew about the program was that it was about writing more business and technically oriented documents. Perhaps it was the story that Professor Toomey told us early on about why lying on your resume could lead to you being forced to SCUBA dive into a tank filled with airplane parts despite having no certification because you lied on your resume." | Read more

Taylor Wise: Why I Chose PWTC ... and Got the BEST Internship

"Near the end of my freshman year, my friend dragged me along to a meeting in the Bartlett auditorium to hear about the various specializations for English majors. I was really looking for something, whether a specialization or a second major, that would make me stand out as an eventual job candidate. I was pretty passively stressed about ending up as a barista post-graduation. American Studies wasn’t a good fit for me, I can’t creatively write worth anything, I wasn’t interested in being a teacher, and my life seemed too boring to be writing nonfiction memoirs. What was I to do?" | Read more

PWTC has graduated hundreds of students who have gone on to work in a wide variety of industries in and beyond New England.