Professional Writing and Technical Communication

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Giving to PWTC

One of the reasons for the PWTC program's success is the support we receive from so many amazing alumni and friends of the program. Thank you!

Our current fundraising efforts continue to be geared toward support for the PWTC Lab (hardware, software, and related resources). The PWTC Lab is where much of our program’s community is built: the place where our students help each other to edit and revise, to critique images and their placement, to share files and learn new software, and perhaps most importantly, to develop an appreciation for the value of teamwork. The PWTC Lab is therefore one of our most important areas for development.

Interested in supporting the PWTC program? Please consider one or more of the following.

Make a financial gift

Gifts in any amount are always greatly appreciated. Some employers offer programs that will match your charitable contribution and make your money go further (so it's worth checking if you're not sure what your company's policy is). Your financial gift will help us to continue improving the PWTC lab and curriculum. Contributions can be made online (see below). If you or your company have questions about donations in the form of an endowment, scholarship fund, or naming opportunity, please contact one of the PWTC Directors.

  1. Go to the secure “UMass Gives” page.
  2. Choose "Professional Writing and Technical Communication" from the dropdown menu.
  3. Complete and submit the form to make your donation.

Make a gift of resources

We welcome your creative ideas for supporting the program. These might include gifts of hardware, software, or free access to professional conferences or training sessions in topics relevant to the program.

Get involved!

Support the program by coming to campus as a PWTC guest speaker, mentoring PWTC students and new grads in your professional (or geographical) area, or sharing information about internships and job openings.

Tess, the unofficial mascot of the PWTC program, looks forward to seeing students and alumni at our annual cookout.