The Campus Chronicle
Vol. XVIII, Issue 37
for the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts
June 27, 2003

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17 faculty given tenure

by Sarah R. Buchholz, Chronicle staff

T he Board of Trustees awarded tenure to 17 faculty on the Amherst campus at its May 7 meeting and approved an offer with tenure to two incoming faculty members.

     The newly tenured group comprises the following associate professors: Paul Barten and Kevin McGarigal of Natural Resources Conservation; Jeffrey Ebdon of Plant and Soil Sciences; Deborah Good of Veterinary and Animal Sciences; Steven Sandler of Microbiology; Elizabeth Harvey of Psychology; Laura Jensen of Political Science; Lisa Chasan-Taber of Biostatistics and Epidemiology; Blair Perot of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; Debbie Felton-Miller of Classics; Tayeb El-Hibri, director of Near Eastern Studies; Max Page of Art and Art History; James Gladden of Sport Management; Kathleen Davis of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies; Narayanan Menon of Physics; Joseph Berger of Educational Policy, Research and Administration; and Brian Ogilvie, History.

     The board also approved tenure for new Biology associate professor Tobias Baskin, who will join the department this summer. Baskin studies the role of the cytoskeleton and the cell wall in plant morphogenesis and worked in the Interdisciplinary Plant Group at the University of Missouri, where he also was an associate professor.

    Noted epistomologist and philosopher of mind Hilary Kornblith from the University of Vermont also received an offer of tenure from the board. Kornblith will be joining the Philosophy Department in the fall.

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