The Campus Chronicle
Vol. XVII, Issue 41
for the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts
August 23, 2002

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Letters to the Chronicle

Chronicle a 'propaganda tool' for terrorists

The Aug. 9 Chronicle reported that one of the victims of the "bombing at [the] Hebrew University in Israel" is a UMass alumna, Janis R. Coulter.
The "bombing" was a premeditated heinous murder committed by Hamas, a terrorist organization which is opposed to almost anything that Western civilization holds dear. It is therefore very sad that the reporter saw it fit to include Hamas' "justification" or "rationalization" of this cruel murder in the article. By printing it the Chronicle has become a propaganda tool of this criminal group, spreading its "message" over campus. This is what the "free press" in the United States and Europe has been doing for years and this is one of the main reasons that terrorism is so widely spread in the world today. All that the terrorists have to do is murder a few people and their "cause" gets immediate attention all over the world. The more spectacular the crime, the more extensive the coverage of the perpetrators' "motives" and "agenda" becomes. Unlike commercial companies and civil organizations that have to pay for exposure in the media with money, these criminals pay for it with their victims' blood and the terrible suffering of the survivors and their loved ones.

It is a disgrace that the Chronicle has become involved in the attempts to legitimize the murder, even if inadvertently. I think an apology to Janis Coulter's family and the campus community would be in order.

professor, Food Science

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