Thinking of Graduate School?

Many psych majors plan to attend graduate school.  Advisors are happy to help you understand what that entails and what are your options.  Make an appointment to talk with a psych advisor, or come to drop in during our slower periods in mid-Sept through October or mid-Feb through March when we can have great conversations about graduate study.  We also offer a workshop on applying to graduate school each fall.  See our Workshops page for details and a link to the workshop recording if you can't attend!

As there are LOTS of graduate programs in psychology across the country and world, we do not post information from specific programs.  Which programs might be a good fit for you depends on your interests, your preparation, your geographic preferences, and many factors.  The CNS Career Center maintains a lot of Graduate School information and you can find information about American Psychological Association Accredited graduate programs in psychology here.

Many students are interested in a mental health career, so a good place to start is this Clinical Psych FAQ

If you are interested in other subfields in psychology, talk with a psych advisor or, if you are working in a lab, speak with the professor running your lab or graduate students in the lab about how to find appropriate programs.

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