Research Assistantships Fall 2024

Below are the research assistantships available in our department.
Feel free to email the contact individual for that lab.
Please check back as new opportunities are listed on a continuing basis.
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Contact: Andrew Cohen,

Attending a weekly lab meeting, recruiting and running participants in experiments, reading primary research. 

Lab website

Pre-requisites: none
Times you must be available: Thurs 3:50p-5:00p
Hours per week: 3-9 hr/wk (depending on # credits)
Credits: 1-3 cr
Contact: Aylin Fernandez, and Evelyn Mercado,,

Work directly with families, conduct family interviews in English and Spanish, attend lab meetings, community events, and/or lead workshops for community members. 

If interested in this opportunity, please apply here.

Pre-requisites: Preferred if you can speak English and Spanish, have experience working with youth, have consistent availability in the mornings or gaps in the afternoon, must be able to commit to working for 2 semesters.
Times you must be available: Must be able to attend lab meetings and community events, also must be flexible to be available on weekends, potential for summer RA experience as well.
Hours per week: 3-9 hr/wk (depending on # credits)
Credits: 1-3
Contact: Hector J. Sosa,

We are looking for interested, responsible, and motivated students to assist us on several research projects on stereotyping, prejudice, and intergroup relations. Our current research projects are broadly focus on: 

- Understanding how gender stereotypes in leadership situations affect women's motivation to gravitate toward or distance themselves from other women.
- Learning how engineering and computer science students discuss their personal successes and struggles.

Students working in our lab will have weekly meetings with a graduate student who will supervise them on a research project. Students will learn the theoretical background relevant to the project, learn to develop experiments, schedule research participants, collect data, and code data. We will teach students how to do each of these tasks and will provide guidance, so no prior research experience is required. 

In addition, research assistants are also required to attend biweekly lab group meetings with Dr. Dasgupta, graduate students, and other research assistants.

Please apply here

Lab website:

Times you must be available: Students will need to be available for an hour and a half lab meeting. The time of the lab meeting will be determined soon.
Hours per week: 9
Credits: 3