Jobs, Career Workshops, Scholarships, and Graduate Programs

Information posted here does not constitute an endorsement nor does it indicate that these opportunities have been vetted by the PBS department. Be sure to check out the resources search function below!

  • Jobs and Internships: You should consult with Career Services to make use of their much larger database of job and internship opportunities. You can also get help there to create your resume and other assistance including opening a file for letters of recommendation that Career Services can send out for you in the future. You might also find this link from Career Services about what you can do with a psych major of interest. For postings of RA or TA opportunities offered for credit during regular school terms, please refer to the RAs, TAs, Internships page.
  • Scholarships and Awards: Although we will post all the information we receive, students should not assume that every scholarship that may be available to them will be posted here. Unfortunately, there are no scholarships that are directly administered by the psychology department. There are some CNS scholarships that you can view on the CNS website. 
  • Graduate School Programs: Bear in mind that there are LOTS of graduate programs across the country and across the world. We only receive specific notices from a few. So, be sure to search out programs that might be of interest to you. We have information about graduate psychology programs in the advising office (Tobin 501) or you can search for programs online. We are also happy to talk with you in the advising office about how you might go about searching for graduate programs.
  • APA's Becoming a Psychological Scientist: Draw from a range of professional development resources to navigate and advance careers across different psychological science subfields and work-settings. This series has several videos: 1) Top Things to Know as You Apply to Graduate School 2) Writing a Compelling Application Statement 3) Interviewing with Confidence 4) Guidance for Students of Color 5) Selecting a Program that is a Good Fit for You 6) Applying to Post-Bacc Positions and 7) How to Afford Applying & Attending Graduate School. 
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