Psychological and Brain Sciences Academic Advisors:


Carolyn Cave

Dr. Carolyn Cave

Principal Undergraduate Advisor
General Advising

Tobin 503
(413) 545-4668



Dr. Lori Astheimer

General Advising
Neuroscience Track Advising
Departmental Honors Advising

Tobin 539
(413) 545-5955

 Picture of Erik Cheries

Dr. Erik Cheries

General Advising
Internship Coordinator
Departmental Honors Advising

Tobin 538
(413) 545-2655

 Carolyn Davies

Dr. Carolyn Davies

General Advising
Internship Coordinator
Clinical Interest Advising

Tobin 536



Dr. Becky Schneider

General Advising

Tobin 502



Specialization Advisors Available:  

Neuroscience Track Advisors
Dr. Lori Astheimer (see above)
Make an appointment via Navigate 
Tobin 539      (413) 545-5955      email
Dr. Matt Davidson: 
Make an appointment via Navigate 
Tobin 416      (413) 545-1579      email

Departmental Honors Advisors:               
Please see the departmental honors web pages for information and hours of availability before seeking honors advising.                 

  • Dr. Erik Cheries (Honors Program Director), Tobin 538, hours (see above), email 
  • Dr. Carolyn Davies, Tobin 536, hours (see above), email
  • Dr. Lori Astheimer, Tobin 539, hours (see above), email

Developmental Disabilities and Human Services
Dr. Ashley Woodman
Tobin 409      (413) 545-0292     email

Clinical Psychology Advisor
Dr. Carolyn Davies (see above)
Make an appointment via Navigate 
Tobin 536     email

Linking Employment and Academic Development (LEAD)
Program Director: Dr. Christina Metevier
Tobin 527        (413) 577-1267         email