Preschool Children Needed for Physical Activity And Nap Studies

IRB Approved Study Number: 



Christine St Laurent


Phone Number: 

(413) 545-4831

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Type of Subjects: 



Help us learn if physical activity benefits learning and napping in preschool children!

WHO: We are recruiting preschool children (33 to 71 months) that frequently nap along with a caregiver (and have access to a computer/tablet with internet) for one of two in-home studies. No campus visits involved!

WHAT: Over a 16-day period, each study will include…
• Initial online assessment session: caregiver questionnaires, child cognitive & fitness assessment
• Two ‘testing’ days, each with: A morning activity or quiet play session (with caregiver assistance), two memory assessments (brief online meetings), and sleep measures during afternoon nap (Study 1 only)
• Movement and sleep tracking of child via a watch for 16 days
• Completion of a study diary by caregivers

• $65 plus 1 story book (Study 1) or $45 plus 6 story books (Study 2)

To learn more about the study or learn if your child is eligible, contact our research team at or (413) 545-4831 or visit

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