45 to 60 Year Olds Needed for Study on How Seeing a Speaker Helps With Understanding Speech

IRB Approved Study Number: 



Erin McCarthy



Phone Number: 

(413) 461-0299

Room Number: 

Tobin 649

Type of Subjects: 

Middle-aged Adult

Additional Subject Information: 

Please leave a message at (413) 461-0299 or email lipslab@umass.edu for more information about the study and to learn more about eligibility.


Two visits: 3hrs + 3hrs


Adults 45 years and older (<60 years) are needed for a study on how seeing a speaker’s face helps with understanding what the speaker said. Researchers in the Language, Intersensory Perception, and Speech (LIPS) lab at UMass Amherst are seeking volunteers with American English as their first language. The study requires a 2-hour visit and a 3-hour visit to the lab on campus. Participants will be paid $10 per hour for their time. All personnel has volunteered to wear masks and currently only appointments for participants willing to wear doubled surgical masks are open. The first lab visit includes various computerized tasks that assess hearing, vision, and judgments about what a speaker says. The second visit involves recording the participants’ brain waves with an EEG cap on their head while they watch and listen to a speaker.


$10/hr for two 3hr visits
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