Picture of Human MR system

Researchers within Psychological and Brain Sciences have the following research facilities available to them:

Center for Personalized Health Monitoring

Center for Personalized Health Monitoring, with multiple devices for monitoring health and well-being.


An EEG/ERP Lab, with a 64 channel actiCHamp amplifier and actiCAPs made by Brain Products.

Electron Microscopy Center

An Electron Microscopy Center, with several Transmission (TEM) and Scanning (SEM) Electron Microscopes.

Genomics Resource Laboratory

Genomics Resource Laboratory, which supports a range of analytical services related to genetic research.

Human Magnetic Resonance Center

A Magnetic Resonance center, with a NEW 3T Siemens scanner for Imaging and Spectroscopy research.

Light Microscopy Core

Light Microscopy Core facility, with new instruments that enable a broad range of methods and applications.

Models to Medicine Center

A Models to Medicine Center, which bring together faculty and students interested in translational research. 

Sleep Monitoring Lab

A Sleep Monitoring Lab, with equipment for monitoring sleep in populations from infants to the elderly.