Senior Spotlight: Arlo Heimer-Bumstead

In honor of #UMassGives beginning today and our senior scholarship fund, we are posting our first senior spotlight of the year showcasing one of the many talented students in PBS.

What is one of your favorite memories from UMass?
I don't have a singular favorite memory. I would say it is hanging out with my friend in the peer advising office and watching episodes of Friends or studying for our Organic Chemistry exams in our downtime. 

How has UMass allowed for your intellectual/academic/creative abilities to flourish?
Being at such a large school I think allowed me to find lots of different hobbies and interests. I found different pockets of UMass with people who had similar goals, hobbies or interests as me and that allowed me to flourish in lots of different aspects.

How did your experiences in a club, activity, or academic field shape who you are today?
I think the biggest thing that has shaped who I am is being a peer advisor in the Psych department. The faculty and other students in the office pushed me to be a better student, researcher, and person in general. That is one of the biggest reasons I am who I am today.

Who is someone who motivated you during your time at UMass? (Shout Out!)
I can't say enough about the faculty in the Psych department. It is too hard to pick just one person because they have all been so incredibly supporting and encouraging of me and have believed in me throughout my four years here. 

What advice would you give to incoming UMass students?
I would tell incoming students to get involved in things around campus. Whether it is within your major, an extracurricular, a club sport or anything like that. You can make a big university feel small really easily by getting involved in clubs and other things and that has been immensely helpful for me throughout my time here.

What is your biggest takeaway from UMass?
My biggest takeaway from UMass is going to be the connections I made and the importance of making connections in the future. Making lots of connections here has been the most helpful thing for me in terms of, not only my time here and experiences I have had, but my future and the plans that I have for myself.

What is next for you?
I plan to stay and work as lab staff at the Somneuro Lab here at UMass before going on to some sort of graduate education whether that be a masters/PhD or medical school which is a decision I am still making.