Senior Profile: Obinna Asia '23

Obinna AsiaWhat is one of your favorite memories from your time at UMass?
My favorite memories from my time at UMass were the events that happened in the Mullins Center! Specifically, Spring concerts, blackout, hockey, and basketball games!

How did your experiences in a club, activity, or academic field shape who you are today?
My experiences here at UMass shaped my leadership and emotional recognition skills, which overall shaped who I am today! I was fortunate enough to meet really amazing witty individuals and mentors who honed my intrapersonal skills and applied them to different activities I did throughout my undergraduate.

Was there a particular person or class that motivated you during your time at UMass? (Shout Out!)
There were multiple people who motivated me during my time at UMass, including Richard Halgin, who teaches abnormal psychology! I had a great time being his TA and one of the best classes I have ever taken. Maria Galano, who I enjoyed being a part of her research lab and am very fond of her work on traumatic stress on the well-being of adults and children of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Gorana Gonzalez, who is my mentor here at UMass who encouraged me to keep pushing through with the resources I have. Olivia Radcliffe, who is my RD, very witty, funny, caring, involving, and welcoming. Olivia has shown me how to be a leader in the community and encourages me to do my best. Christian Smith, who is a psychiatric social worker here at UMass, was available to listen to my issues and be a great guide.

What advice would you give to incoming UMass students or freshman year you?
Make sure you go out of your way to FIND your opportunities. UMass is a big public school, opportunities are not given to you. Make friends with people that will keep your peace intact! You do not have to be friends with everyone! AND JUST BE YOURSELF!

Tell us about any research you’ve been involved in:
I am involved in the Violence and Trauma across the Lifespan lab (Vital Lab) research! In this research lab, we want to understand domestic violence (IPV) and related forms of traumatic stress on the well-being of children and adults. We conduct a lot of data collection and clinical hands-on with participants. Currently, we are working on our stress, parenting, and child emotions (SPACE) project. This is where we look at young children's mental health and development with exposure to intimate partner violence (IPV); how caregivers who experience significant stress manage their child's emotions, especially with their fears and scares around violence.

What is your biggest takeaway from UMass?
Opportunities are not given to you, you have to show interest and find them.

What is next for you?
Physician Assistant School