Richard L. Stewart '74 PhD studies attachment-bond between parent and child


Having returned to Mass in 2013 to care for my aging mother, I opened a forensic practice in Worcester. I have specialized in testing and child related issues in the forensic area, generally divorces as well as care and protection cases. In any event, and despite being behaviorally oriented, I been asked on numerous occasions to assess the "bonding" between parent and child.

Imagine my surprise when I began looking into the research when I realized the theory would not be difficulty to operationalize. Using this as a guide, I have developed a "check list" and identified several behaviors that seem to speak to an attachment-bond. So, I thought that I might share this on the off chance a grad student might wish to look into this as a dissertation. I think it would be most interesting to look into more precisely and thoroughly. —Richard L. Stewart '74 PhD