PBS welcomes Sandy Kalmus as Compliance Administrator

PBS welcomes Sandy Kalmus as our new Compliance Administrator. Sandy will manage the records and procedures for Department Human Subjects and undergraduate research participants recruited through the SONA system. She will also track the requirements of labs and their personnel, update the internal departmental database, and handle key requests. Additionally, Sandy will assist Laura Wildman-Hanlon with faculty searches, also serving as a typist and producer of departmental documents such as letters of recommendation, syllabi (or syllabus ) and exams.

Sandy is an experienced Microsoft Excel user, often teaching herself new operations and formulas. She started her college education at Ithaca, meeting a great group of friends there that she is still close with today. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree at UMass, majoring in Sociology. She has two children, a daughter attending UMass majoring in Japanese Language and Literature, and a son attending Greenfield Community College. An outdoor enthusiast, Sandy enjoys hiking, biking, and running as well as guiding zip-line trips at Berkshire East in Charlemont, MA. A few goals Sandy has reached this year include climbing Mt. Washington and repairing her car with her son and boyfriend. She is an avid DC comic fan, secretly appreciating their rival Marvel’s extensive collection of movies. Say hello to Sandy and test her sci-fi/fantasy knowledge!

Tobin 511
(413) 545-4879
Office Hours: M-F 8:30 - 4:30